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PALS, Pediatric Advance Life Support

First Aid CPR AED training in San Antonio

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) 

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First Aid CPR  training

PALS Workbook Manual:  $45.00 must bring your own copy or purchase one prior to class. Prior to class each student must take an online pretest through the American Heart Association website. 

Enter the following code to take pretest:  Pals15
When you finish, please print off a copy of your test and bring to class.
Pediatric CPR AED

Heart Code PALS 

offered online at the American Heart Association website.

$120.00 sold online


Print completion certificate then register for skills session with a certified instructor.

Skills session:Part 2 and 3 fee is $50.00.

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PALS, Pediatric Advance Life Support is targeted for healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist or medical staff taking care of critically ill children.  Our certified experienced instructors provide a calm learning environment with advance simulation manikins to help boost the students learning experience.  

We schedule small classes tailored for each students skills level.  Our experienced instructors work with pediatric patients in a critical care setting and facilitate training through boosting confidence with knowledge and experience.   We are a American Heart Association approved training site located in the medical center. San Antonio, TX.